Inside the Ritz, the venue for the presentation of this 2017 Métiers d’Art collection, the extra-long pearl necklace appeared just like Proust’s madeleine. When these silhouettes were moving down the runway within the last abode of the eternal Mademoiselle, it is without a hint of nostalgia which Karl Lagerfeld evoked the go-to provider of jewelry and accessories to couture homes to bring Chanel’s signature back to life. Desrues was first established in 1929 – they’d soon be cooperating with the largest Parisian couturiers of the day. After all these years, the brand has managed to keep its savoir-faire and dedication to its unique craft. There wasn’t a single bit of Coco’s personal jewellery, given to her by the Grand Duke Dimitri Romanov or the Duke of Westminster, which was not interpreted or reinterpreted here for its clientele of now. Today’s necklace comes in both a gilded metal plus a nacre pearl version; this is Desrues at its best, signing off on a highly desirable piece for Chanel.Preserved as heritage to keep handing down all the aesthetic of a timeless woman, even today, these extra-long necklaces with thin sprinklings of pearls match perfectly into the brand’s grammar. As Chanel’s runway happened on the Place Vendôme, the headquarters of French fine jewellery, all Gabrielle’s glossy frivolity was incarnated in the room. Symbol of femininity and innocence, pearls – valued by Coco – are today the absolute symbol of French refinement.

Despite being christened Eugénie, Coco Chanel’s mum was known only as Jeanne. Her sister Antoinette was among her first models, parading her clothing daily along the resort boardwalks of Deauville where Chanel had her first clothing boutique — the Paris speech at rue Cambon was originally just licensed to sell hats. Actress Suzanne Orlandi was the first woman to wear the little black dress, a Chanel creation and potentially the most significant contribution to the contemporary wardrobe.These are only a few of the girls who left their mark Chanel’s life in her early days before 1920, and their names are immortalised in the most recent fine-jewellery collection, Coco avant Chanel.The series is performed up in chic colors of white, pink and grey, realised in Padparadscha sapphires, Japanese and Tahitian pearls, morganite, grey spinels and moonstones. But most of the pieces, including the pièce de résistance — the Gabrielle Chanel necklace — are dominated by the most enduring gem of all : diamonds.In keeping with the subject of origins the necklace is intentionally named after Chanel’s name rather than Coco — the nickname she gave herself. It’s a collar necklace made of 1,581 diamonds, using camellia patterns that overlap and swirl around a 10.02ct pear-cut diamond set from the centre.Despite the necklace’s girth, the general impression is one of lightness, thanks to the strategic openings around the central diamond which resemble the bold snips of a seamstress’s scissors.

A century before, a 30-something up-and-comer using a hat store on the Rue Cambon, a seasonal pop-up Deauville, a budding business in Biarritz, along with a means with jersey was mulling opening a couture house in Paris. That materialized a year later, in 1918, and the rest is history.With its new Coco Ahead of Chanel high jewellery set, the Place Vendôme powerhouse pays tribute to Gabrielle Chanel’s early days, prior to the renowned friends and furious socializing. The designer’s first signatures–a no-fuss obsession with ribbons, lace, camellias, and pearls; the innocent charm of soft pink and gray–come together in 49 haute joaillerie bits named after the very first friends to wear Chanel’s fashions.One of the collection’s most significant pieces, the Jeanne necklace, pictured above, combines most of those signatures in a elaborate lacelike white gold setting with at least a hundred pink sapphires, 82 gray spinels, and roughly 650 diamonds. Yes, 650 diamonds! Jeanne Dirys turned into a famous theater performer and silent movie star, a faithful customer of Coco’s chapeaux, and also the first wife of Paul Iribe, for whom Chanel was a muse and, later, a lover.Each set bears the initial names of Chanel’s early influencers along with collaborators. It’s an intimate gesture which invites one to have a personal interest in the women, yet, such as the enigmatic Chanel herself, many are shrouded in mystery.

Unusual pearls.Before Coco Chanel introduced costume jewelry, faux jewellery was only worn by people who could not afford real jewelry. Alongside this, piling on rope upon string of pearls throughout the day, was something an upperclass lady would never do. Big pieces of jewelry were only worn when wearing a ballgown. Even though Coco Chanel possessed many expensive jewelry bits she constantly combined her expensive jewelry with artificial ones. She stated: Chanel’s Métiers d’Art runways are often an occasion to bring out the brand’s favorite emblems. By offering a new variant of the legendary pearl necklace in this collection, the house on rue Cambon is introducing the work of Desrues – sprinkled necklaces that are masterfully opulent.It’s disgusting to walk round with countless dollars round the throat because one appears to be rich. I just like imitation jewelry since it is provocative”.And with this announcement Chanel brightly turned the undesirable costume jewelry into a fashion trend. She was the primary designer to introduce large faux pearl pieces. Coco concluded that if women could buy something more affordable than real jewelry, they can properly accessorize every outfit they had, rather than sticking with a few simple pieces. “Costume jewelry is not designed to give women an aura of riches, but to create them beautiful she said.There’s no better logo for Coco Chanel’s style. Pearls, whether the holy originals or faux pretenders, possess a special signification to the dual C manufacturer.

The motifs that defined her view of the world were all there. As a believer in the inexplicable, Chanel chose the celebrity, or comet, and the sun, for an astrological reference. Other devices translated in diamonds recur through her work, such as fringes, ribbons/bows and feathers. Here, for the very first time, was the glorious comet necklace along with the headband with a glittering fringe of diamonds.They could be understood in archived footage by Pathé, showing a feather diamond tiara, comet brooch and ribbon bracelets set on wax mannequins. The house of Chanel has launched a video mixing animation and old photos . The collection has been so definitive that it gave rise to the 1932 jewellery line, some of which can be seen in the 2016 Woody Allen film, Café Society, that can be set in the 1930s. Chanel never did another collection. But the home is now one of the planet’s high jewellers. Each succeeding collection of jewelry increases plaudits while the 1932 Collection is still drawing its inspiration from Bijoux de Diamants.The latest high-jewellery offering is Les Blés — wheat. Just as equestrian devices, comets and camellias all talk to us Chanel, therefore wheat talked to Chanel. She considered it a lucky charm and had wheat in various art forms in her property. So Les Blés p Chanel comprises 62 pieces that in all their softness look as a wheat field moving in the breeze.

Chanel CC Logo Gold Tone Metal Rhinestone Chain Necklace Features:

Brand: Chanel

Gender: Womens

Condition: Good

Material: Gold Tone Hardware and Rhinestone

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