Bulgari celebrates a Save the Children milestone

From 2009 onwards, Bulgari do it best areas: the production of jewelry, everyone wants. And this is a simple Bulgari silver ring engraved with the words of Save the Children then let the ball scroll. Since then, this philanthropic affiliate marketing jewelry has evolved an approach that has raised an impressive £ 50 million to help more than a million of the world’s poorest children.

Over the past seven years, Bulgari, together with the UK Charity Relief Children’s Association, has expanded its range of charity jewelry, auctions, sponsorships for evening fundraising events, commissioned well-known photographers and recruited front-line celebrity ambassadors to help children in 33 countries. Each gem costs £ 420, of which £ 60 goes to save the children.

Bulgari has created a range of silver jewels based on the iconic B.Zero1 design. Almost a quarter of the value of the jewels goes to Save the Children

At the time of the launch of the partnership and the surprisingly affordable ring, then CEO Francesco Trapani commented: “Yes, it is a pretty inexpensive piece of jewellery, and we don’t normally do silver, but we wanted to do something very commercial to raise that amount of money.”

Save the Children says of the relationship with luxury goods brand Bulgari: “(It) shows how a commercially focused partnership can bring great benefits to both organisations and significantly improve the lives of some of the world’s most vulnerable children.”

Luke Evans, who starred in The Hobbit and Girl on the Train, is a Bulgari ambassador. In November 2016 he visited India to help raise awareness of Save the Children’s work in association with the Italian jeweller

Last month Bulgari ambassador Luke Evan – of Girl on a Train and The Hobbit fame – visited India to meet the children and families supported by Save the Children’s education programmes. In India, 18 million do not have access to education, the highest number in the world.

Evans travelled to slum communities in Mumbai and Pune to see first-hand how teaching initiatives, including a Mobile Learning Centre, can change a child’s future. He said of his visit: “It’s wrong that there are children growing up today who will never read a book, never write a letter or do basic maths. I visited one of the most deprived slum communities in Mumbai, where many children don’t get the chance to go to school. It was heart-breaking to see the terrible conditions that these children live in – the extreme levels of poverty in India have been totally shocking to me.

Bulgari has worked with Save the Children since 2009 and since then has raised £50 million for some of the poorest children in the world

“Seeing the impact of saving children’s lives on these children is incredible,” he continued. “Seeing the smile on their faces as they read and write and knowing that they will have a better life result is amazing.I am proud to be a Save Children Ambassadors and Bulgari – their partnership is working on these The life of the child is such a significant difference that my visit to India will remain with me forever.

“Adjusting common interests will enhance Bvlgari’s corporate reputation and save children’s charity,” said John Babin, a highly successful partner of Bulgari’s chief executive officer. “We hope this alliance will have a big heart to continue its success for many years.

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